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Shipping less air saves millions on freight and makes shoppers happy.

Here’s what senior executives are saying:

COO "Our #1 distribution issue is outbound freight cost. We’re shipping more air than product and nothing we’ve tried has helped."
CMO "Shipping small orders in large boxes costs a fortune, ruins the unboxing experience and harms the brand."
CEO "No one in our organization owns the problem."

How we can help:

We take ownership of the air you’re shipping and how packaging decisions impact freight cost.

  1. We analyze root cause and develop a strategy.
  2. Packchain provides hardware, software, packaging supply chain management, and monthly performance tracking. Our systems can operate independently from WMS and ERP.
  3. We calculate in real time the Big-5 KPIs: percentage of air shipped, cost per pound of freight shipped, average packaging cost, packing throughput and carbon score.
  4. Your Packchain Program Manager will review a dashboard with you onsite. We track savings and prove the ROI every month. We are accountable for results.

The Packchain "Air Initiative" Dashboard:

We implement the Packchain technology platform ahead of making operational or packaging changes to establish a baseline. Then your Packchain program manager methodically levels-up the packaging operation e2e using proven techniques. Measuring the Big-5 KPI results monthly calculates the savings against the baseline and proves the ROI.

Key performance indicators.

Packchain technology and services are delivered as an end-to-end solution for a single monthly fee, or you select just what you need ala carte.

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